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Pest Control, Trusted Pest Control, Council Bluffs, Racoon, Bats, Mosquitos, Removal, termite

We CARE. We help with pests, the right way. Pest Control is ALL WE KNOW.

Did you know... there are 680 known pests in Iowa.

We are Advanced Pest Management. We know the right way to help you through the chaos of pests.

This link is helpful and we hope to give you knowledge to help you with our process. We care and work hard to prove it!

Here is a link to a site  of some of the pests that may be by you.

Pest Control, Trusted Pest Control, Council Bluffs, Raccoon, Bats, Mosquitos, Removal, termite

From little pests to large. We show empathy where needed.

Beautiful Iowa boasts sunny skies and a mild climate. , there is always something to do here, from outdoor concerts on the lawn to visiting parks, trails, and rivers. However, there are some less-desirable creatures , large or small; including ants, spiders, bed bugs and termites, just to name a few who can ruin a great time. Remember to always check yourself thoroughly after spending time outdoors, especially if you were out amongst tall grasses and vegetation. Ticks, especially immature ones, can be hard to see so you may need someone to help inspect. Wear long sleeves and pants when spending time in tick habitat and opt to supplement protection by using insect and tick repellents. If you have pets that venture outdoors, be sure to inspect them too! Tick management is not always straightforward, but you can reduce tick numbers on your property by keeping your lawn short and vegetation trimmed. If you have any questions about ticks or tick management, please give us a call for the latest technical information!  

Advanced Pest Management is your Iowa  pest control company, serving the surrounding area with the best pest control services available. We are ranked very highly amongst the pest control companies in the United States, our professional workers understand the meaning of hospitality and customer service. 

  • We offer the best we can to our customers, we cover the bases for every unique situation, business, home or event. 
  • We offer termite control services for residential and commercial properties, focusing on identifying, eliminating, and preventing termite infestations for years to come. 
  • Our state-of-the-art bed bug services are no match for invasive pests. We’ll take the time to educate for preventative measures.

If you're sick of insects and rodents trying to make your home or business their own, take action with Advanced Pest Management today. 

Pest Control, Trusted Pest Control, Council Bluffs, Raccoon, Bats, Mosquitos, Removal, termite


WE WANT TO BE THE PEOPLE YOU TRUST. We hope we build the relationship that lasts of lifetime but not with critters or pests. Thank you and hope to prove our worth for your pest control needs. 

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